The Little Man

Easton-Feb-5I have been the WORST mother when it comes to taking pictures of Easton! When Trevin was born, I took about 50 pictures a day for the first year of his life. Poor Easton has hardly any! I guess it just goes to show how much busier my life is with two boys instead of one. I have been feeling guilty about that for the last few weeks and so today, randomly, I decided to go take some pictures of my little man! After a quick bath and leaving his helmet at home, we were headed somewhere…I just didn’t know where!

I was not dressed, my hair was not done, and I looked like I had just rolled out of bed (because I had). That didn’t matter. What mattered was documenting his life and cherishing him while he is still little! We had a little date today. I think he is simply the cutest little 10 month old around! Don’t you agree?


Easton Feb 1

He kept trying to grab my camera…


Did you notice you can see me in his eyes?


P.S. It was such a beautiful, sunny day here in St. George! I can’t wait for Spring!

Lucia B - February 15, 2011 - 10:11 am

Beautiful pictures, your baby is totally adorable!

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