I’m still keeping up on my Project Life. Attempting and continuing to take a picture a day. Some days are missing while others have too many pictures to post. I am enjoying the winter break from photography and realizing that it’s nice to not be so stressed. Trevin plays with his trains on a daily basis and never gets sick of Thomas. He also enjoys his “girl” PJ’s a little too much. Who said boys can’t wear pink hearts on their PJ’s right?

My boys remind me daily why I am so blessed! It’s in the way Trevin looks at me each morning after I have worked all night and says “mom, you can’t sleep because it’s not dark outside.” It’s the way he says, “mom, I love you to the moon and stars and back.” It’s the way Easton closes his eyes and appears to be on cloud nine when I scratch his head after taking his helmet off or when he lays his head on my shoulders to cuddle. It’s the excitement I get when I get a text or a call from Colby just so he can tell me he loves me. It’s the satisfaction I get knowing I have spent all day doing the “motherly duties” even if they seem so redundant. Sometimes it’s nice to just be a mom and do nothing but take care of my kids and somehow make their day a little better. It’s the happiness I feel when I make cookies with Trevin and we sit at the table after and lick the beaters clean. It’s the joy I feel when Easton smiles at me. When he smiles at me I can just tell he loves me and knows I am his mother. It’s the peace I feel every night when Colby holds me close and we finally have some time for each other.

Today I am blessed. Blessed beyond measure.

Ashlee - February 2, 2011 - 5:02 pm

Nat super cute blog:) you look so beautiful in the family photo. You so amazing at being a photographer… good job!

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