Should It Be Over Tomorrow

Being almost 37 weeks pregnant I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our fourth son. My body is aching, my feet are swollen, I am contracting like crazy, my clothes don’t fit, and I can count the hours of painful sleep I get each night on one hand. As with my other pregnancies, when you get to this point, sometimes you just want the baby to come out sooner than later. I have found myself being significantly more tired, overwhelmed, and flat out exhausted with this pregnancy than I remember feeling with my other three. Whether it be my age, my busy life, or the fact that I have three other children running around needing my attention, this pregnancy has definitely made me feel old.

As I was relaxing on my bed earlier this afternoon, I realized that while these last few weeks are some of the hardest, they are also some of the most sacred. My boys are anxious to meet their brother who they knew before they came to this earth. What a wonderful time that will be for them to see him and know that he is their brother, not just in this life, but forever! It’s a blessing to know that this wild and crazy family Colby and I are raising will be a family for eternity!

Although my body aches and some days are harder than others, there is nothing I love more than feeling those little kicks in my belly or the small frequent jolts when he gets the hiccups. Being a mother is one of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences! I realized today, that while I am uncomfortable, I may never be pregnant again! I may never get to see a baby on an ultrasound scan, feel the little kicks, watch my belly grow and grow as the weeks go on, or even later deal with the pains of labor.

Should it be over tomorrow, I want nothing more than to remember how wonderful it has been to carry four little boys in my belly! I am extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a mother! Should it be over tomorrow, I want to remember the pains, the worries, the sleepless nights, the painful contractions, and even the swollen feet. Should it be over tomorrow, I want to remember how sacred it has been to bring such special spirits to this earth. I need to be better about teaching them the gospel and loving them more and more each day. I need to remember that Heavenly Father has trusted me with them and it’s my duty to help bring them back to him. Should it be over tomorrow, I want all my children to know that I love them and care for them beyond anything I can describe. Should it be over tomorrow, I want them to know, it was all worth it!

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