They Call Me Mom

When I decided to start my photography business eight years ago, I knew I wanted to photograph people for a reason. Documenting those candid moments and those special feelings between people, families, couples, and children is something that just “gets me.” It’s the whole reason I became drawn to photography, especially after having a child of my own. Lately, I have felt myself lacking on the candid moments and those REAL GENUINE feelings. So, the last five sessions I’ve photographed, I have really tried to focus my attention to the real emotional connection between those I’m photographing.

Flash Back…

A few years ago when Colby and I were living in St. George, I started taking the Bell Family’s photos. I always loved taking pictures of Dezie because Josie always had her dressed in the cutest outfits! Anyway, I believe it was the second time I had photographed their family when Dezie didn’t want to cooperate very well for the family pictures. Dezie kept insisting she hold a little girl doll in most of their pictures. After trying to battle with her for a little while and doing anything I could to pull the doll out of the pictures, Josie finally gave in and let Dezie hold the doll. In the end, the photos turned out pretty cute and by the end of the session I was able to get a few family photos without the doll.

At the time of their family photos, Josie was 14 weeks pregnant with their second child. She later found out she was expecting a little girl. To make a long story short, sadly, Reggie was stillborn just a few weeks before her due date. I’ll never forget the pain I felt hearing the news of Reggie’s passing. I prayed Kyle & Josie would be comforted. To this day, Josie still loves the photos we took of Dezie holding that precious little doll. In Josie’s eyes, it symbolizes Reggie being there with them. Maybe, just maybe Dezie knew something we didn’t…

I have photographed the Bell Family several times since Reggie’s passing and have ALWAYS felt something special at their sessions. I have never told Josie that before, but there is definitely something “different” about photographing their family. A few weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to photograph them again. While editing their pictures, I came across this image of them walking. The more I looked at the image, the more I felt like Gabby was looking at something. I contemplated making the image “complete,” but didn’t know if doing so would bring back saddened memories for Josie. I showed my husband who immediately said it was a bad idea all around. This morning I woke up and I couldn’t stop thinking about the image. I texted Kyle and asked his honest opinion.

I waited a few minutes. No reply. I got slightly nervous and felt like maybe I should have just listened to Colby in the first place (but what wife listens to their husband all the time). Kyle finally texted me back saying, “Oh Nat. I’m in tears. That is the greatest idea…” I was beyond excited! I told Kyle I wanted to surprise Josie this afternoon with her disk. He came to my house after he got off work to grab the disk and a small note I had wrote for Josie. When he left, I felt anxious, excited, and emotional all at the same time!

Today was special for me. I believe it was special for Kyle and Josie as well. She came over a few hours later, slightly emotional, gave me a hug, and a small note herself. It was everything I needed and more. This is why I love what I do. These are the moments I hope for in my client’s eyes. These are the days that make all those late nights editing worth it.

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