Stress and Moving

I have been prone to right more personal posts lately and have left those private for my family to read, but tonight I have a lot on my mind….

I have decided to make it a goal to post each Sunday.

We recently sold our home (to an amazing family) and moved into another house here in Nephi. It’s about 100 years old and has amazing character! I was so excited to move into this new home, design it, and save a lot of money living here, but honestly, it’s been super stressful as well.

We sold most of our furniture with our old house and therefore moved into our new home with basically a mattress for everyone to sleep on. We didn’t have a kitchen table, a stove (for about a week), dressers for anyone, and numerous other things. I had a good attitude about it for about a week and then I started to get sick of nowhere to eat, dirty clothes mixed in with clean clothes, no appliances to cook meals, boxes everywhere, etc.

Thankfully this past week (about a month later) I am slowly starting to get furniture into the house. My boys have a dresser, we have a kitchen table with chairs to sit on, a couch, a stove, a working washer and dryer, and the boxes are slowly getting emptied. I still have a lot of organizing and decorating to do, but it’s slowly coming along. I am getting more and more excited about living in this home, making memories with my family, and designing a new home!

Life has been stressful and unorganized and I am starting to drive my family crazy. Or at least I think I am. Between organizing a house, refinishing a few pieces of furniture, working, being a mom, planning a baptism, and Cohen being sick, I felt like I was on my last straw. The last few nights Easton hasn’t been acting like himself again (read THIS POST if you don’t know what I’m talking about). He hasn’t been eating, he runs low grade fevers, and sleeps nearly 15-16 hours a day! Again, maybe it’s just a little virus or bacterial infection, but my mind gets racing again about the “what if” scenarios.

Tonight I gave him some Tylenol and a cold drink of water. We walked up to his bedroom and organized his blankets. “The soft one goes on the bottom with the BYU pillow on top. Then you put this blanket on top.” I tucked him into bed and kissed his cheek. I told him probably ten times how much I loved him and wished he wasn’t sick. The last time I said “I love you” he said, “I love you more.” I just needed to hear that simple phrase to make my entire week. Of course my eyes swelled up with tears as I replied, “I love you most.” I gave him his favorite blanket, turned down the lights, and said goodnight.

I walked down the stairs with tears in my eyes while saying a simple prayer in my heart hoping he would get better soon.

For the last hour I have been thinking again about how blessed my life is. Why does it take trials or sickness to make me realize my life is better than what it sometimes seems?

I work tomorrow at the hospital and Colby will take him to the Doctor. More testing to come I’m sure. Here’s to praying for my Little E and hoping he gets better soon!

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