An Overwhelming Week

On Wednesday we took Easton in to the clinic for some blood work. While waiting for the lab to come get him, I explained they had to take some blood from his arm. He was a little nervous about the whole idea, but was cooperative. He held still the whole time and didn’t even cry. I was so proud of him for being brave. The lab tech gave him a sucker and we walked back to the clinic to wait for the results. After a few minutes Dr.Rosenbeck walked in. He explained that his blood work was a little abnormal and he had a few concerns. He palpated his neck and found some swollen glands. He recommended a strep screen.

Back to the lab we went.

And then back to the clinic to wait for the results.

Easton’s strep screen was negative so Dr. Rosenbeck was still concerned about his CRP level as well as his White Blood Cell Count. He advised us to return in two weeks for a follow up CBC. He was worried about a few things. As a nurse, I knew what he was talking about and tried not to let it get to me. The “what if” senarios came rushing through my mind.

After we arrived home for the evening, it seemed like everything was “abnormal” with Easton. He wasn’t eating, he was limping on one leg (even my mom noticed this), and he was really tired all the time. I couldn’t hold my emotions in that night while making dinner and Colby could tell it was getting to me. I tried not to worry about things but for some reason, I couldn’t shake it off. I was nervous about Easton and just wanted answers. Fast.


The same thing happened the next day. All I wanted to do was make him eat and get him better.  Throughout the day we rested on the couch and watched some of his favorite movies while Trevin was at school. I took him to Bev’s as requested for a “brown cow drink” and a sugar cookie. I put a humidifier back into his room, rubbed extra vasseline into his nose, and prayed things would work out. When deciding what to make for dinner, I let him choose. First he chose taquitos. Didn’t eat anything. Next he chose a quesadilla. Didn’t eat anything. Finally, a little waffle crisp cereal did the trick and I felt good about getting something in his stomach. We said our nightly prayers and off to bed he went.

Colby kept asking me why I was so emotional and what was wrong. I explained to him why I was so worried. He agreed that there were some things that were a little “odd” with his behavior lately but, he felt like there was nothing to worry about. He hugged me while my eyes swelled with tears and comforted me. The rest of the night with Colby was spent enjoying The Blacklist and watching some basketball. I remember falling asleep on the couch because I was just so tired.


Throughout this whole week, it has been very evident that prayer and faith are something I cannot live without. The peace and comfort that comes from asking for the Lord’s help and faith that things will be okay is such a comfort. While things don’t always go the way we want them to, relying on the Lord and his plan is something we need to trust. As I have studied the scriptures this week, my testimony of faith has been strengthened. I have faith that things will be okay with Easton, but I can’t wait to know for sure. And if they aren’t, then we will deal with that when it comes.

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