Service is the Best Medicine

At the first of the year, I set a goal to provide service each week to someone. This may be a small act of service or something on a larger scale. I started the year by giving gift certificates for photography to families I felt could use the photographs and provided some freezer meals to some people in my ward. Sending Thank You notes and passing around treats was just another service I found myself doing often. Throughout the last few months, I have been slacking on providing service like I had originally hoped I would.

With all the madness that happens in our house, it’s sometimes hard to find time to provide service for others when you find you can barely keep up with your own family and their responsibilities. After feeling a little stressed over Easton’s blood work and Colby being gone the last four days, I realized I needed something to brighten my spirits and pass the time before Colby would come home.

Rewind to last week:

We are in the process of finishing our basement and we had one half of the basement left to frame. We had some things we needed out of the basement to make room for the framing. This included some couches that we had bought a long time ago and no longer needed at this time. Some friends came and helped Colby move the couches upstairs and I quickly took some pictures to post on the Nephi Indoor Yard Sale. After numerous emails and comments on the couches, someone came and looked at them, and purchased the couches. I posted SOLD on the site and that’s where the fun began. Not really actually.

A girl was quite upset with me that I sold them to someone else. She posted my name for all to see and discriminated me on the site while blocking me so I couldn’t defend myself. Numerous friends and family members commented on her post describing me as an honest individual who was loved and cared for in the community. After about thirty minutes of people commenting, I felt so loved and appreciated by these people that I realized how kind people can be (some of which don’t really know me completely). I decided I wanted to do something for some of them.

Over the weekend, I made some white popcorn for three of theseĀ  individuals and also a freezer meal for another. I delivered the goods to their house with a simple Thank You note. I made some more treats two days later and delivered them to a few people who have served in our Primary and provided service through filling in when people weren’t able to attend church. Yesterday I made some more of those treats and delivered them to five of my friends, some who have helped draw blood on Easton as well as some of my best friends, just because I wanted them to know they were loved and appreciated.

My adorable niece had surgery yesterday and Easton had to go in for his second round of blood work. We went to the hospital to see Marlee and tried to cheer her up. While we were at the hospital, Easton got his blood drawn with assistance from his Grandpa Craig. Marlee was discharged and we came to Hilary’s house. We played with Marlee for a few minutes. I bought my sister and my niece some lunch and we came home.

At the end of the day, my kitchen was a disaster and signs of baking were everywhere. The boys had been “helping” me make the treats we delivered and so you can imagine the mess I had to clean. However, I was trying to teach my children to serve others and the happiness that comes from doing so. The boys were so excited to hold the candy jars in their hand and help me walk them to the door. When all the treats were delivered, I had the best feeling. Sometimes when you’re stressed or life gets too busy for you to handle, providing service is the best medicine.

And the best news of the day…

Easton’s blood work came back completely normal! My prayers were answered!

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