Trevin’s Imagination

For any of you who have seen my pantry, you know what a neat freak I am about having all the cereal boxes lined up, the cans stacked neatly in a row, and the sauces lined up just perfectly. Today, I let my obsessive compulsive thoughts be ignored as I watched Trevin build a “castle” with the goods in our pantry (along with a few other items). I listened quietly as I sat on the bar and edited pictures as his mind traveled to an imaginary place. He talked to giants and little people. He told a story about the people playing with each other and a few other things that I couldn’t hear very well. When he was finished playing apologized for messing up the pantry (I think he knows I like it neat).

For a moment I sat there thinking about how I just let him make a mess of my pantry and then I realized, he had fun while doing it and that’s all that matters. He enjoyed the twenty minutes of talking to giants and little people and so did I. I enjoyed listening to his imagination run wild….





a long time ago giants and little people existed in my thoughts as well I’m sure.

Merry - June 17, 2011 - 2:08 am

Both of them look like trouble to me! Love my grandkids and you/Colby too!

Melissa - July 6, 2011 - 1:42 am

It’s good to let go of those neat things when your kids are around. They do surprise us with their creativity.
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