I wish I could run to a fantasy land with my little family anytime I wanted.

Sometimes I wish I could float on the clouds and view my life from a different perspective. Am I doing something wrong? Sometimes I feel like home is my heaven on earth while other days I feel like it’s just mad chaos. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing everything right or if I’m teaching my kids everything I should be. Sometimes I wonder if Trevin can see the guilt I feel when I say, “Just one more minute” when I’m doing something other than playing with him or Easton. Sometimes I wonder if Easton still sees, hears, and speaks to Heavenly Father or those angels that I cannot see with my own eyes. Sometimes I wonder what the world is going to be like when they are all grown up. Are they doing to be close enough to the Gospel to stand the evils in the world? Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder why I feel like my life is hard while others make it look like a piece of cake. Sometimes I wonder how I can change my life for the better. I am working on it. Sometimes I just want to cuddle my kids for hours and hours and let the fears of the world pass me by. Sometimes I dream of living in a cottage, with a while picket fence, in the middle of nowhere, while watching my kids play in the grass field nearby…

Maybe someday right?

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