Cohen is Not Himself

While we were in Bear Lake, Cohen seemed to be getting sick. He would wake up several times throughout the night because he couldn’t breathe and one night he had a low grade fever. Over the next few days at the cabin, he would scream for Colby constantly. It seemed like there wasn’t a minute that went by on Saturday and Sunday that he wasn’t crying or throwing a fit. Colby and I kept saying “something must be wrong because this is not how Cohen usually acts.”

After being home for two days, he was still not acting like himself. We took him to the doctor and sure enough, he had a major sinus infection. He was started on an antibiotic and is finally starting to act like my sweet little Cohen again. Yesterday, while I was doing dishes, I heard him laughing while playing with an old toy. Immediate joy filled my soul and I realized he truly was just sick and wanted some attention from us because he didn’t feel well this weekend! I felt bad because I was bitter over him being so needy and emotional.

I’m glad he is starting to act like himself again!

However, Colby and I now have a terrible cold. I can’t wait until I can breathe through my nose at night and not have to suck on a cough drop at 3 am.

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