Eleven things I don’t need in 2011…

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Finally. A new family blog thanks to the computer nerd love of  my life! I have been wanting an updated family blog for quite sometime now. After the stress of finals and the Christmas season, Colby was able to sit down and get everything figured out so I could enjoy a new family blog before the new year. Did you notice the URL name? Everyone knows Colby is a huge Green Bay Packers Fan so I decided the name fit our family well.

Last night at work, I was extremely bored. Bored enough that I almost read a book talking about creatures in the ocean that change form when music is played (provided by a co-worker). Then, I came to my senses and realized that would have put me to sleep in about five seconds flat.

I realized the new year was just around the corner. I began writing. A lot actually. I thought about myself, my life, and what changes I wanted for myself and my family in 2011. I came up with eleven things I don’t need in 2011.

1.Clutter: Oh how I hate clutter! It has become a huge part of  my life lately since I have been so busy with my photography business. The drawers, the closets, the garage. It needs to be gone!

2. Wasted Time: Some days I feel like I spend so much time just “living.” I often find myself thinking, “Is this what life is about?” Some nights when I lay down in bed I wonder what I accomplished in a day. After looking back through my day, I realize I could have gotten SO many more things accomplished if I would have just put my mind to it and done it rather than waste time lounging, watching television, or browsing the internet.

3. Procrastination: Whenever we go to Nephi, I often hear my Mom & Dad say, “My diet starts on Monday.” I laugh because it always seems to never start. I realize I say the same things. I always say things like, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “On Saturday we will _________” It never seems to be about getting things done or starting things TODAY.

4. Speaking of diets, I could go without any extra weight gain. I lost so much weight after having Trevin and my pregnancy with Easton has granted nothing of the same outcomes. I weighed less with Easton (much less) and yet I can’t get rid of the baby weight. My body could sure do without the flat tire around my waist and the budonkadonk rear end.

5. Lost Memories: Running a photography business, being a nurse part time, a mother of two kids, and trying to be a good wife can be a little challenging at times. I would like to spend more time with my kids, take a monthly date night with my husband, and document those times we have together. I look back on the first years we had Trevin. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos of him. After having Easton, my life was nuts. I don’t have as many photos of him and I know it’s because I am so busy. I have a plan (I will discuss that later).

6. Stress: My worst enemy. My life could use a little less stress. For any of you who follow my photography blog, you might remember me talking about being so stressed to the point that I almost gave up my photography business. This year, I will not overbook myself. I will try to organize and focus my time carefully in order to maintain a healthy me.

7. Messy Pants from Trevin: I am so sick of cleaning up messes, washing out underwear, and buying Pull-Ups. This has got to end.

8. A Messy Car: Driving to Nephi and back all the time makes for a messy car. Between drinks, snacks, and toys to keep the boys entertained for 3 hours the car looks like a tornado hit (all the time).

9. Boredom: Yes, I realize I just talked about stress, procrastination, and loosing weight but sometimes I need a little fun in my life. There are times I just want to sit and scrapbook or do a craft and none of those other things fulfill my boredom. I want some planned activities or creative projects in my life. Just wait ’till I tell you what I am doing.

10. Raising my Voice: I do this a lot and my sister gives me the “death look” every time I do. Raising two kids is hard and sometimes I just want to pull my hair out by the end of the day. I am working on keeping calm and not raising my voice.

11. Negative Influences: This is probably the biggest thing I am doing without this year! With my photography business there are A LOT of negative influences that arise. I am doing without them and not worrying about them. I am focusing on myself, being me, and enjoying every aspect of WHY I enjoy looking through the lens of my camera. Enough said.

In less than 48 hours it will be 2011. I have written down my goals, projects, and hopes for 2011 and I will share them soon! Until then, please bookmark your browsers and understand this is now our new Family Blog along with my journal.

I would love to hear some of the things you could do without in 2011! Happy New Year!

Janilee Parry - January 2, 2011 - 2:34 am

Nat. what an amazing blog!!!! love it(: very inspirational!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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