My Thoughts

This morning I woke up eager to bottle some beets I had picked from my garden. I grew to love canning from my Mother, but also from my Grandma Deon Hitchcock. I always loved her beets and her mustard pickles. I remember as a little girl she always had something in her kitchen that she had canned. It didn’t matter what she had canned, it was always delicious!

My Mother is the one who actually taught me the correct process of canning and taught me a few of her favorite things to can including salsa, peaches, and tomatoes for her homemade spaghetti sauce. Since I have been married, I have always loved the fall season because it meant fresh produce from the garden and canning! I have since taught myself how to bottle new recipes such as roasted red pepper spread, tomato juice, jams, pickled beets, all types of pickles, and pineapple pears. I love canning and I love the memories I have from learning and knowing how to can!

As I was standing at my kitchen sink washing my beets, I looked out the window and immediately began to have thoughts of my Grandma Deon. I remember her rings on her fingers, the smell of her perfume, her gentle hugs, and playing in the weeds at her house with my cousin Carson. I remember sitting at her kitchen table covered in hundreds of books and magazines. I remember how my Grandpa would always kiss her on the cheek and tell her he loved her. But, one particular memory stood out for me…

One day I had a question about bottling her pickled beets. I called my Dad first and asked him for help. He explained he didn’t have the answer for me and that I should probably just give Grandma a call. When I called to discuss my questions with her, it was like she was standing right in the same room as me. I remember feeling like I could talk to her all day long. We discussed the pickled beets and then our conversation went to pickles, mustard pickles, bread & butter pickles, and then my family. Grandma helped answer my questions but also was concerned about how my family was doing and how life was going for me.

I wish I could turn back time. I would call her more often. I would visit her more often. I would spend a day bottling anything in the world with her. But, those days have came and gone. Until I see her again, I will always love canning her recipes and thinking of her every time I eat something I’ve bottled.

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