Project 365

Jan 1

Day 1: One of my new years resolutions is to work out 4 days a week. The first day of each month I am taking a photo of myself in the mirror (sideways). A complete photo. Hopefully through the visualization of pictures I will be able to see my progress and not focus on the exact pounds I am loosing. There is no need to show the complete photo now. Maybe at the end of the year!

Jan 2

Day 2: I have been feeling very inspired lately. I have been browsing through old scrapbook magazines for ideas, inspiration, and advice.

Jan 3

Day 3: Today it snowed. A lot actually for St. George. Trevin loved playing in the snow and building snow angels.

Jan 4

Day 4: Trevin’s favorite thing to do lately is fill the kitchen sink with water and play with as many toys as possible in the water. Today, while I was getting Easton in the bath, he thought it would be a brilliant idea to put all his battery powered toys in the water as well including his Toothless Dragon and his Thomas the Train trains he got from Santa. I was not very thrilled!

Jan 5

Day 5: Loving my new typewriter and playing around with some fun new scrapbooking techniques!

Jan 6

Day 6: I give up! I am convinced Trevin is going to go to Pre-School and Kindergarten someday and still not be able to go “number two” on the potty. As of today, I am not even bringing up the “number two” subject with him.

Jan 7

Day 7: I caught Trevin in his room reading the Noah’s Ark book his Grandma Merry used to read to me. He is also wearing his girl PJ’s Grandma accidentally bought for him for Christmas, his Angels ball cap, and using his important finger to point to the animals. Overall, just a really unique and interesting photo.

Jan 8

Day 8: Easton got his helmet on Tuesday and does not mind it one bit! He is the cutest helmet head I have ever seen!

Jan 9

Day 9: Trevin started Nursery today (because we were at a baby blessing last week) and he loved it! This is the picture he came home with. When I asked his teacher if he was good she replied, “Yes, he was really good. He just makes the most odd sound I have ever heard.” Yep, that’s the tiger growl we keep getting him to stop making.

Jan 10

Day 10: Today Trevin wanted to make “muffins” for breakfast (while giving me a box of cake mix). I tried to explain these were not muffins but he insisted we make them. Nothing like having cupcakes for breakfast without the frosting! He loves eating the batter if you can’t tell!

Jan 11

Day 11: Last night I worked and was super tired this morning. I only got about 30 minutes of sleep before Colby had to go to school. I woke up to find Trevin at the kitchen counter with a cupcake mix salvaged open, a bowl, and some broken eggs. When I asked him what he was doing he replied, “Making you muffins for breakfast, Mom.” What a sweet little boy!

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