A New Year. A New Beginning.

2014 has already begun and yet I find myself still not really living like 2013 is over. I haven’t actually wrote down goals, hopes, or things I wish for the new year to bring. I haven’t deep cleaned my house like I normally do at the start of a new year or de-junked any drawers. I feel like I am still not ready for 2013 to be over with.

Last year was probably one of the best years of my life!

A little reminiscing of 2013….

One of the biggest blessings from last year was welcoming our third child Cohen into the world! He brings so much joy to our family and is the best behaved child! He sleeps through the night, hardly ever cries, and his laugh could move mountains! He absolutely hates rice cereal and every other form of food other than baby formula and loves it when Trevin & Easton talk to him. He is just over 6 months old and still can’t roll over. He managed to get the swine flu a few weeks ago, but never acted sick a single day he had it. He loves splashing his feet in the tub and riding in the car. He is such a blessing in our life!

We were able to go to Disneyland in September as a family and the boys had such a blast! We spent three days in Disneyland and spent another day just swimming in the pool at the hotel. Kloie and Diane also came along with us! Trevin got to ride Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Space Mountain for the first time. He says his favorite ride is Space Mountain! Easton still asks to go on Pirates of the Caribbean but looks scared to death every time we get off the ride. We still rode Trevin’s first favorite ride, Casey Jr. The boys can’t wait to go back sometime soon!

We had just recently bought a new home in Nephi and with Colby’s hard work and my design ideas, we have started to turn it into “our home” with “our style.” I have loved living in this home with my family and I truly feel like we are finally “home.” Moving back to Nephi a few years ago was probably one of the best decisions we have ever made (yet one of the most expensive). We love living so close to our families and my kids have really enjoyed being close to their grandparents and cousins. Family really is everything to us.

Colby is still currently running his own business as well as working as a Real Estate Agent. He stays extremely busy but works so hard to support our family! He is ONE credit away from receiving his Bachelor Degree and I can’t wait to have it finally completed. Just one month ago we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! Colby currently serves as the Varsity Scout Coach in our ward and enjoys being around the Young Men of our ward. He went on a camping/hunting trip with all his brothers down south in October and had the time of his life doing that. He continues to enjoy spending time with his brothers and considers them his best friends.

I am currently still working one day a week (if that) up at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in the ICU. I basically work to keep my nursing license and stay up to date on my skills. I love it!  I love being home with my kids and I am grateful I have a husband that supports our family and allows me to be at home with my kids almost every single day. Some days are harder than others, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Whenever I have a little extra time (and sometimes even when I don’t) I love to craft and scrapbook. Documenting our life and decorating our home are some of my favorite things to do!

Trevin started Kindergarten this year and he really loves it! He has been ready to go to Kindergarten for a while now and he has made so many friends. His teacher is Mrs. Painter and he really enjoys her. He is one of the smartest kids in his class and seems to get along pretty well with all of his classmates. Some of his his best friends are Jack Petersen and Carson Nielsen.

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